International Society for Bioelectromagnetism

International Journal of Bioelectromagnetism, IJBEM

The Society established in 1999 the International Journal of Bioelectromagnetism, IJBEM. It is a peer-reviewed scientific journal in the field of bioelectromagnetism. It is available on the Internet free of charge to all persons interested. A printed version of the Journal is also available.

The Society signed in April 2018 the publishing contract for IJBEM with the publisher De Gruyter Open.

  The International Journal of Bioelectromagnetism, IJBEM,

The contract is the "De Gruyter Open Lite" package described in more detail in the enclosed De Gruyter Open brochure .

The essential publishing solutions and services including to the contract are:
- Inclusion of the journal in a strong collection of Open Access publications
- Electronic publication of a journal on professional hosting and distribution platform
- Dedicated journal webpage at
- Distribution to libraries worldwide; IP authorization
- Librarian support (FAQ, E-mail)
- Allocation of DOI and metadata distribution to Crossref
- Online tool to detect plagiarism (Similarity Check, formerly CrossCheck)
- Preparation of publication metadata for sharing with abstracting and indexing (A&I)services
- Indexing by full-text repositories, as well as distribution to such repositories
- Indexing by Open Access directories, as well as metadata sharing with such directories
- Storage by long-term preservation service(s)
- Indexing by Google and other search engines
- Pre-evaluation for relevant services such as: Thomson Reuter's, Scopus, Medline and application on behalf of Journal Owner; advice on augmenting citation frequency and Impact Factor
- Advice on how to grow reference linking
- Content usage statistics including full articles downloads and many more.

In the Annual General Meeting of the ISBEM on 2018.05.24 the following colleagues have been appointed to the Editors, Associate Editors and members of the Advisory Board of the International Journal of Bioelectromagnetism. This appointment is for a period of three years: 2018-2020.

Professor Jaakko Malmivuo
Technische Universität Berlin
Berlin, Germany
    Malmivuo        Co-Editor-in Chief
Professor Fabio Babiloni
University of Rome "La Sapienza"
Rome, Italy
Advisory Board:
Martin Arthur
- Washington University, St Louis, Missouri USA
Roger Barr
- Duke Univesity, Durham, North Carolina, USA
Olaf Dössel
- Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Karlsruhe, Germany
Steffen Leonhardt
- RWT Aachen University, Germany
Mart Min
- Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia
Uwe Pliquett
- Institut für Bioprozess- und Analysenmesstech,
    Heilbad Heiligenstadt, Germany
Shoogo Ueno
- University of Tokyo, Japan
(To be complemented later.)

Associate Editors:
Panagiotis Bamidis
- Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
Irena Cosic
- RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia
Wanzeng Kong
- Hangzhou Dianzi University, China
Frank Sachse
- University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Carsten Wolters
- University of Münster, Germany
Kazuo Yana
- Hosei University, Tokyo, Japan
Xin Zhu
- University of Aizu, Japan
(To be complemented later.)

The first issue of the IJBEM which is published by De Gruyter will be published on Autumn, 2018.
Thereafter it will be published two issues per year.

The manuscripts will go through a careful peer review process made by the Associate Editors.
The publication is free of charge for members of the ISBEM.
The publication charge is 250 € for non-members.

For submitting a manuscript, please contact Editor-in-Chief Jaakko Malmvuo.

Past Editors-in-Chief
Fabio Babiloni, Panagiotis Bamidis, and Kazuo Yana
Kazuo Yana
Jaakko Malmivuo

The old International Journal of Bioelectromagnetism: