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International flights arrive at Helsinki-Vantaa airport. From the airport the city of Helsinki can be reached by coach or taxi.

There are frequent boat connections to Helsinki from cities around the Baltic Sea.

Several major airline companies have regular service to Finland.
The most convenient service you will, of course, get from Finnair

Intercontinental Finnair flights

European Finnair flights

You may also travel to Helsinki with the luxurious cruisers from Stockholm.   Please visit the Web pages of  Silja line  and  Viking line

  Helsinki Hotels

Saariselkä, Lapland    Return to Top

Saariselkä, can be reached by flight or train.

There is only one daily flight available to and from Saariselkä (Ivalo Airport). Please reserve flights in good time. Flight time is 1.5 hours

Departure from Helsinki to Ivalo: June 15, Finnair flight AY 473, Airbus 320, 10.40 am.
Departure from Ivalo to Helsinki: June 17, Finnair flight AY 473, Airbus 320, 12.45 pm.

The night train from Helsinki to Rovaniemi or Kemijärvi will leave on Saturday evening.
The distance from Rovaniemi to the Symposium venue by coach is 260 km and from Kemijärvi 240 km.

  Saariselkä Hotels

Traveling to other countries    Return to Top

In addition to the tourist attractions in Finland, you may also wish to visit the old hanseatic city Tallinn in Estonia or St Petersburg in Russia. Please check with your local consulate whether you need a visa.

To Tallinn there is a frequent service from Helsinki,  the cruising time being from 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes.

Nordic Jet Line, Silja Line, Tallink

Historic Tallinn

Tallinn was once called Revalia.  


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