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Saariselkä is a modern tourism center in Lapland located 260 km north of Rovaniemi and the Arctic Circle.  The history of Saariselkä  is connected to the beginning of gold panning in 1865.

Inari close to Saariselkä is the center of the Sámi culture of the Laplanders. Information on this culture is available from the Sámimuseum Sida in Inari.

Reindeer husbandry is an essential part of Sámi lifestyle. In Inari reindeer husbandry developed in the 1600s and 100 years later as far as Utsjoki. Reindeer herds that wander the fjells is an unforgettable memory of the trip to Northern Lapland.

In Saariselkä there are high quality hotels with congress facilities. Also a great number of small rental cottages are found in the area. For the tourists there are several ways to relax from a modern spa to goldpanning and fishing.

On the top of Kaunispää fjell, 437 meters above the sea level, is located Cafe Panorama and Restaurant Huippu.

During winter time the slopes of Kaunispää Fjell are used for downhill skiing. In summer time tourists enjoy hiking in the surrounding wilderness.

Traveling to Saariselkä is easy with a non-stop flight from Helsinki to Ivalo. The distance from Ivalo is only 30 km and there is a good bus service to and from the airport.

Due to its location far in the north, during midsummer the sun shines night and day Saariselkä is one of the very few places in the world where international  symposia or congresses may be held during the midnight sun.  Please find the exact dates for midnight sun and polar night   .

The weather in  Saariselkä is mild in summer.   The temperature ranges from  15 to 25  degrees centigrade.    Today's weather and 5 days' forecast   (Ma=Monday Ti=Tuesday Ke=Wednesday To=Thursday Pe=Friday La=Saturday Su=Sunday)

Summer in Lapland is full of light and energy.   Under the Midnight Sun  the days follow one another without interrupting nights.


View from Saariselkä at midnight June 18, 2002

  Saariselkä Hotels

    See a map of Saariselkä  or an  aerial photograph    (in which you may zoom the four
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