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Helsinki, called the Daughter of the Baltic or the White City of the North, is just by the sea with a beautiful landscape.  You will also enjoy the Empire style architecture of this monumental city center built in the 1800's.

Helsinkiís good quality of life is based on its closeness to nature, the clean environment,  the excellent technical infrastructure and the respect given to traditional cultural values. The Helsinki area displays many unique architectural and natural sights.

Helsinki Cathedral

See a panorama from the Senate Square

Helsinki in June

Helsinki is a very active city that hosts numerous cultural and sporting festivals each year. Museums, theaters and other institutions offer special summer exhibitions and shows.

In June the days are usually warm. Temperatures range from 15 to 25 °C.  Nights may be cool.   Today's weather and 5 days' forecast    (Ma=Monday Ti=Tuesday Ke=Wednesday To=Thursday Pe=Friday La=Saturday Su=Sunday)

Find more pictures from the Helsinki Picture Gallery

 Real time view

Real time view of the market place and the harbour

View at midnight June 18, 2002

More information on Helsinki:

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