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Election of the Office-Bearers

In the General Meeting on 2015.06.17 the following office-beareres were elected:

For the term 2015-2017 Professor Steffen Leonhardt from the Helmholtz-Institute, Aachen, Germany was elected as President and Professor Craig Henriques from Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, USA as President Elect. Professor Jaakko Malmivuo from Aalto University, Espoo, Finland continues as Secretary General of the Society.

Minutes of the General Meeting on 2015.06.17

Membership directory

The membership directory of our Society needs to be updated, because detailed information of several members and their affiliation is missing. Possibly even some members are missing from the directory. Therefore, please download the membership form, fill it and return it back to the Secretary General.

The form will be sent to those whose e-mail is available. But if you do not get an e-mail from the Society, please download the membership form from this page.

Jaakko Malmivuo
Secretary General of ISBEM